How It Works

Welcome to EduCloud Pro.

This site is a web-based learning management system. We help educators set up and conduct blended or entirely-online courses. Based on the Moodle platform, with a wide variety of features, ranging from PDF files and YouTube links to quizzes, student messaging, forums and assignments, EduCloud Pro is bringing the classroom into the cloud.

When you sign up with EduCloud Pro, we set up your account for free. Instead of structured pricing and limiting features based on your payment level, we offer simple, fixed pricing. It's $39.99 for each enrollment. If you collect payments from your students, you can purchase an enrollment key to distribute to your students. If you do not collect payments from your students, or if your online material is an add-on option to your course, students can pay via credit or debit card to enroll in your course. 

Last modified: Tuesday, 23 October 2018, 10:23 AM