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Moodle Course Hosting

Host your Moodle course with us! It's free to create an account. EduCloud Pro offers an unlimited number of courses, training on-the-go with the Moodle Mobile app, and no limitation of features or advertisements.

Why Use Moodle?

Online training has benefits for both instructors and students, whether it is being used alone or as a supplement to face-to-face instruction. By placing resources in your online course, you can reduce the cost of printing handouts, quizzes, exams and notes. Online content provides consistent delivery to every student every time and breaking up long lessons with activities helps to retain a student's attention and engagement. 

With nearly 150 million registered users worldwide, Moodle is the world's most popular online learning platform. Moodle integrates with Microsoft Office, Google, PDF and other document formats, saving time and energy by eliminating the need to convert your files before posting. Moodle gives you the ability to create interactive lessons, quizzes, discussion forums, post files, URL links, assignments and more. Moodle's functionality can even be expanded through plugins available from the Moodle website.

Available courses

This is a sample course for educators to review and see how the system works. Guest access has been enabled, allowing anyone to enroll as a student. To test the course as an instructor, please contact stephen@cobaltcreek.net.